Jason Crandley
Friday 29th am, Friday 29th pm, Saturday 30th am, Saturday 30th pm, Sunday 1st am, Sunday 1st pm
High Cross Church

Jason is a Camberley-based artist working between landscapes Plein Air and still lifes. At the moment he is working with still lifes on how light hits glass objects. You can catch Jason from time to time sketching people in coffee shops here in Camberley and around.

He has previously exhibited in various galleries in Cornwall and as far as Glasgow.

His painting style tends to change from time to time "depending on what kind of mood I'm in. I love painting "en plein air", having a subject right in front of me, in all weathers, rain or shine, using oil most of the time (but I do like using watercolour and pen and wash)...."

To see some of Jason's work, click here

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