Why did the Camberley Society start all this?

To put into practice its belief that Surrey Heath Borough is an enlightened and inclusive place to live. To enrich the wider community and promote the therapeutic powers of art - music et al to benefit the Community

  • Promote the range of art, music and performance on offer to all ages and socio-economic groups in Surrey Heath.
  • Public platform for aspiring artists to display their art
  • Special attention, to sensitively engage with disadvantaged groups by working with charitable organisations to reach communities in key wards.
  • Special needs groups such as Alzheimer's, Lonely - isolated and Autism. We are offering special access as appropriate and tailored workshops.
  • For schools we have developed an art programme to explore Biodiversity and the natural world with children of all ages, out put will appear at the Fest.
  • Working with youth organisations using music to engage with young adults through workshops and performance opportunities in addition, fashion in textile-art workshops.
  • For the elderly and lonely, we will be offering special tea and memory events which will include musical interludes and guided visits to the art exhibition and the performing arts.


CAMFEST 2017 outcomes :


  • The much smaller Camfest 2017, narrowly focused on 'wall' Art, but delivered 50 new students to Camberley Adult Learning Centre.
  • Launched the careers of young artists, especially, those exhibiting for the first time.
  • Attracted over a thousand visitors, including many families who brought young children to the art workshops.
  • The feedback was for a bigger and more wide-ranging event.


Camberley Community Arts Festival 29th-30th June and 1st July 2018

Planned to cover all these venues -

  • Surrey Heath Borough Chambers, Members room & lawns
  • The Surrey Heath Museum & The Library
  • High Cross Church &Theatre
  • The SQ and Town Centre

It is an all-inclusive, community arts and crafts festival that will showcase sculpture, static art and ceramics, craftwork, and the performing arts.

After many months of intensive work the Society believes that the Festival is sufficiently developed to be introduced to the local business community to seek their support.

Free to participants and all visitors, the festival is designed to encourage more local people to engage with and benefit from our communities’ wide range of voluntary art organisations and conversely provide a platform for each of the organisations to network, increase membership and thereby sustainability.

There is a particular focus on the opportunities that the arts can offer disadvantaged groups, both young and old in our locale.

The strategy has been to attract and inspire a whole range of talented local amateur groups to come forward to show case their specialist art forms and provide workshops and taster sessions in a number of Camberley venues.

There is a long and ever growing list of contributing clubs, associations and societies.

In addition to grant funding the Society is seeking sponsorship for the festival from local businesses. The sponsorship could take many different forms and the society would be delighted to discuss ideas and approaches. A list of possible areas for assistance is attached.

A dedicated website will be available mid March in the meantime please find attached details of the festival and its supporting cast to date!

Please contact the writer for more information or to arrange a meeting with the festival team

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   07815 513547 www.thecamberleysociety.org.uk  @CamberleyFest


Organising team :

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CamFest project leader

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