About us

What is CAMFEST?

CAMFEST is a registered charity with a rolling programme of community events, culminating in a 3-day visual and performing arts festival on the last weekend in June.


The object of CAMFEST is to promote all forms of art for the benefit of the public living in, working in or having any other connection with the Town of Camberley in Surrey and neighbouring areas. This is achieved through the development, establishment and maintenance  of a programme of art based events open to all, with the aims of increasing their skills, capabilities, audience and general wellbeing.


So far this year (2019) we have collaborated with Surrey Heath Youth Council in their first Youth Conference at Gordon School. We recently engaged with Portesbery School in Deepcut and will be providing volunteers on their open days throughout the year. Planning for the Festival in June is in full swing.


How long has CAMFEST been around?

In 2017,  the first CAMFEST festival was held, as an initiative of the Camberley Society; it comprised an arts and crafts display and children's art workshop. It was so successful that the 2018 event expanded to include music and dance performances, a number of workshops for adults and children, and extensive arts and crafts displays. CAMFEST became a charity in its own right in September 2018.


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